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“Going Off Site To Gain Insight”

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Lead Philosophy

In a nutshell this bespoke program is about cultural re-confirmation and re- alignment through use of performance and communication skills training. It’s about getting the team off site to gain insight, so they come back engaged ready to prosper.

This course gives your business the space to unpack and focus on redefining and strengthening the culture of the business as a unique, focused organisation. This course brings people together, teaches them effective communication skills, and then shapes those skills into the cultural setting of the business and more importantly engages the group as a whole on a deeper level of connection, understanding and focus. Download the course pdf


“Working with the HubStudio team was a thought provoking, reflective and highly original coaching course.”

Chris Scudder :Quantcast – Sales Director S.E Asia & Greater China


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Course Outline

1: Pre-work : Bespoke ‘in-sights’ questionnaire for each business & Five Pillars summary video materials to watch prior.

2 : Individual Group Session/s :Open discussion group round table session to introduce cultural values frameworks, and the Five Pillars of Effective Communication fundamentals.

3: Full Group Session: With the energy of the whole team together the final session is about re-affirmation and engagement on a wholistic group level. The basis for the group work is to have ‘fun-in- context’. Yes it’s a big ‘actory’ a tad theatrical and totally effective in bringing a large group back together.

The offsite nature of the group session provides necessary out-of-business-context connections to build group trust and engagement as people first.

Course Outcomes

Session 1: Pre-work The pre-work questionnaire gives us the insights we need to speak to the heart of the organisation. The video materials allow for the course material to be introduced succinctly and efficiently, prior to coming together.

Session 2 : Individual Group Sessions: The smaller groups, allow us to deep dive in a safe environment giving us the insights we need to make changes and re-affirm abilities ahead of the group session. This smaller environment will allow us to create a safe space for participants to be open and share the their stories. This work is vital in helping us gather the insights needed for the ‘Story Time’ & ‘Why Time’ activities in the final group session.

Session 3: Full Group Sessions : As a group of individuals we will discover and re-affirm the core values of the organisation, by using sight specific examples, core information and the unique experiences gathered from the three sessions to bond the group together, and help define or re-define the culture of the business. This last session is the ‘coming back together’ if you will of the group, and helping to set it to move forward with the unique attributes it inherently has.

Who is this course for?

If your company has undergone disruption and change, or is seeking a way to be brought back together after a host of new hires, or a raft of new changes, of if you just need to breath life back in to the group and re-energise, then this is a fantastic way to do that.

This workshop is super fun, interactive and experiential. It allows time for each participant be seen and heard, re-engaging and re-empowering them with a more effective communication style. This series allows each participant the skills to discover and develop their own authenticity and sense of purpose as an individual and more importantly as a motivated member of the organisation.

Program Details

Maximum Persons : 40 per group
Minimum Persons : 10
Minimum Hours : 8 -16hrs (2 full days) (course can be split across several sessions) Minimum Investment : $6,250 + GST or $250 pr/hd
Location : Available both Nationally & Internationally. The HubStudio has facilities in both Perth & Syndey & Online.

All HubStudio programs can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients, and in most cases programs often are, so please talk to us about your needs. We’d love to hear from you.

Further Questions

The HubStudio is an expert at organising tailored packages for each business to suit their specific needs, in fact it’s the best way to ensure value and a fantastic return on investment. Areas we work in include; personalised and group training programs, management communication strategies, personal presentation consultancy and executive mindset coaching. 

Pricing and structure is negotiable and we will always find a package that suits. We run both on site and off-site programs for as little as 1 person or 100. Whatever your business communication needs are we can help

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