Individualised Learning

The HubStudio – Corporate Training offers a wide variety of specialist services. We employ over ten specialist coaches in our daily acting business who are experts in their field. Nearly all our staff are ex-NIDA heads of department, and offer a collective powerhouse of performance skills capable of transforming the way your organisation communicates. We train some of the countries best actors how to act, and that means teaching a range of communication disciplines based on proven theatrical practices. Let us know what your message is and we’ll teach you how to deliver it.

Every employee is the mouthpiece for your business, make sure their delivering the right message.

The essential driver behind the bespoke packaging is to help you find efficient solutions to your core business communication goals. We work with you to deliver off-site or on-site packages, one-on-one or group training that up skills your workforce. This program doesn’t have to cost the earth and can be a much more granular way of unlocking communication problems or help in finding the right solutions.

Areas we are expert in are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Public Presentation Skills
  • Vocal Training and Development
  • Accent Neutralisation
  • Physical Presence and Body Language


COST:  Let us know your budget, we’ll work within your parameters and tailor a package that gives you the outcomes you require.