The HubStudio offers exceptional corporate communication training in a boutique environment. All our courses are based on traditional theatrical techniques and methodologies and are taught by experts in performance training. We use experiential learning to raise awareness of habit, develop new techniques and instil long lasting methodologies and practice, whilst having fun. 

At the core of our programs are:

  • Authenticity
  • Confidence
  • Effective Communication


The Six Pillars Of Effective Communication




Culture Through Communication

People are the mouth piece to your business. Here are The Hub we fundamentally believe a connected, involved workforce out performs those that arn’t. At the core of great workplace culture is effective communication. Without the ability to engage an audience and get your message across, in either internal or client facing situations you are not allowing your people to express themselves to the best of their ability, ideas get trapped, innovation is stifled and potentially stagnant discussion can turn into disengagement. No business can afford that. 

With theatrical practices imbedded in to our training DNA our coaches will deliver core techniques and abilities that enable you and or your people to express at their best.


“At the heart of innovation is a freedom of expression, at the core of client engagement is a powerful call to action” – Oliver Wenn /  Director The HubStudio



Culture Through Communication