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Lead Philosophy

The Lunch and learn programs are a curated series of short seminar style topic talks. They are a quick and impactful way to engage staff and community in new and exciting personal growth topics that bring a point of difference to any organisation. They can also be used as a way of testing out engagement on new ideas for long form programs, and demonstrate a commitment to personal growth, workplace vitality and the development of a leading company culture. Download the course PDF

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Current Talks

Public Speaking 101  : Understand the fundamentals of what makes a great presentation.

The Authentic Leader  : The fundamentals behind how to be more authentic and engaging in the workplace.

Learn To Lead  : The fundamentals behind what makes an engaging leader.

Live Your Why : How to develop and lead from your core motivator.

Media Training 101  : How to deal with cameras, social media and curly questions.

Personal Branding 101 : How to develop your own identity in the workplace and beyond.

Networking 101 : How to win friends and influence people.

The Art Of Strategic Listening  : The golden chalice of effective leadership

Personal Vitality And Why It’s So Damn Attractive  : Develop abundant passion and energy, the magnet for success.

Accent Neutralisation : Learn to be clearer and more effective.

The Extraordinary Power Of Storytelling : Why storytelling is the fundamental tool of influence and engagement.

Nerves And How To Love Them : The fundamental physiology of nerves and how to use them to your advantage.

Fundamentals Of Effective Writing : How to use the power or written word to influence and lead.

How To Become A Thought Leader : Fundamentals of strategic thinking and how to communicate your message.

Hypnosis For Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Wellness : Hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful tool for getting rid of the negative effects.

The Calvary Isn’t Coming : How to develop your own core strengths within any organisation.

How To Engage Your Team : Fundamental tools of interpersonal motivation.

What Is Your Voice? How To Find It And Use It : The fundamentals of great vocal technique and why it’s essential.

Body Language Is The Most Powerful Communication Tool : Put your best foot forward, literally.

Who is this course for?

This on-going series of lunch n learn programs is perfect for any organisation looking to develop it’s cultural values and commitment to individual growth. Our leading group of working professionals have detailed insights into each topic, with many having performance backgrounds, meaning each talk will be engaging and memorable, and tailored to each organisations needs.

This series is also available as an online series of videos.

Program Details

Minimum Length : 45 Minutes

Maximum Persons: No Limit Minimum

Cost: $450 pr session.

Minimum Sessions: 5

This series is also available as a series of online videos.

The HubStudio prides itself on our ability to create bespoke training that speaks to the needs of each organisation. If you have a particular topic you need discussed please let us know. We have access to over 1,500 actors, writers, coaches, camera & technical personnel, and creatives. We’d love to hear from you.

Further Questions

The HubStudio is an expert at organising tailored packages for each business to suit their specific needs, in fact it’s the best way to ensure value and a fantastic return on investment. Areas we work in include; personalised and group training programs, management communication strategies, personal presentation consultancy and executive mindset coaching. 

Pricing and structure is negotiable and we will always find a package that suits. We run both on site and off-site programs for as little as 1 person or 100. Whatever your business communication needs are we can help

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