The Confident – Voice

Believe it or not you were born with a beautiful voice. Learn how to use it properly.

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Course Overview

Each and everyone of us was born with a powerful and fully expressive voice. However as we grow up we become more self-conscious through environments such as school and work which often represses our natural need for expression. The net result is that we learn to monitor ourselves; shutting down a free voice in exchange for a disciplined, controlled one – stifled and weak. This is not the way it should be.

The Confident – Voice will let you find your self-expression again, working through various techniques to give you a fully dynamic range, capable of blowing the roof off or enthralling an audience with a quiet whisper. 


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Course Outline

The course is broken down into four main areas of discovery. Awareness, Pitch, Pace & Volume, Breath Work & Diction. We explore each of these areas through the below structure.


  • Awareness – Various exercises to increase awareness of current voice.  
  • Pitch – Study of vocal tone. 
  • Pace – Study of speed and clarity and how to use it. 
  • Volume – Exploration and use of volume in context. 
  • Breath Work – Rearrangement of vocal breath and study of anatomy.
  • Diction – Study of vocal diction and clarity of language. 
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Rehearsal Session & Debrief. 


Course Outcomes

This series will equip you with all the necessary techniques to create a deep, trusted engagement with your audience. A selection of general outcomes are;


  • Increased vocal authenticity and awareness
  • Better use of pitch, pace, volume
  • Ability to use vocal technique for deeper engagement
  • Accent neutralisation techniques
  • Use of vocal techniques for deep engagement
  • Techniques for overcoming nerves, allowing for greater presence

Course Fee & Bookings

Confident Presenter – One Day:

NEXT EVENT: Q1 2017 

The next Confident Communicator series will be run in the first quarter of 2017. For further enquiries and to register please click here to send us your details.

Group bookings of more than two receive a 10% discount.  For groups of more than 10 please contact us directly as we can arrange a private program. 


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